Sell more wine

Actenzo offers various modules to connect your wine catalogue with wine marketplaces like Vivino, Drinks&Co, Vintrado and Google Shopping, other important marketplaces, advertising channels and product feeds.

  • Product feeds with up to date stock information

  • Re-pricing tools for channel-specific promotions and wine case pricing

  • Automatic order processing & shipping

Product feeds

Actenzo creates product feeds with your wine catalogue that match the requirements of the major wine market places. Easily check which wines are not included in each data feed and why, and if you have a large wine catalogue create Excel reports to check your data feeds.

Re-pricing & wine cases

In the Actenzo dashboard you can set specific price rules and promotions for each marketplace. Moreover, you can create specific offers for full cases of wine (3, 6 or 12 bottles) to optimize your logistics handling.

Up to date stock

Once orders are processed in your own system, Actenzo automatically updates stock information in all product feeds. Actenzo knows when product feeds are synchronized by each market place, to ensure your stock levels are always up to date.

Automatic order processing

Orders placed on wine market places are automatically confirmed in your own system, providing you with the wines ordered at the prices you have set, and the customer’s shipping details. Actenzo checks address details and stock, and notifies you when there are any issues with confirming an order so you can take action on exceptions only.

Automatic shipping

Ship orders the way you are used to in your own system, using multiple shipping methods and multiple shipping countries if required. Actenzo automatically transfers track en trace information to the market places and triggers shipment notifications once your wine parcels are actually shipped.